Book Review: You’ll Always Be Enough

When reading with B, I find that there are a lot of books that have the same message over and over again, but here’s one I think you will really like. Certainly, the message of embracing who you are is not a new topic, but I am just blown away by the delivery of this message of self-love.

You’ll Always be Enough, written by Laura Kuehl and illustrated by Pierre d’Arterie, is a new release taking the children’s book world by storm, offering a gentle message of self-appreciation combined with vivid illustrations assured to attract children of all ages.


Truth be told, I am good friends with Laura, but I guarantee my review is genuine. What impresses me most about this book is that Laura takes a complex topic most adults struggle with, and simplifies it for an audience of children, who otherwise could not articulate feelings of self-worth yet. In my opinion, this book does a beautiful job fostering confidence in differences that are so often pain points for developing children.

This book is geared towards children between the ages of six and nine, but B LOVES the colorful illustrations of animals. It is best for a household with siblings, as the message is received by the older siblings and the fascinating images are interesting for the little guys too. My niece has read this book to her brother and my son, and each child has taken away exactly what they needed at that moment. That’s the beauty of a book like this. Everyone’s image of self-worth looks a little different, so this book allows for a rudimentary understanding that will develop over time.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out You’ll Always be Enough, check it out here. To learn more about Laura Kuehl, the author, visit her website hereYou’ll Always be Enough has become a part of our nighttime reading routine and I strongly suggest you make it a part of yours. We love our children more than the world itself, so don’t forget to remind them that no matter what, they’ll always be enough.