The Runaway Bunny


The Runaway Bunny
Written by Margaret Wise Brown
Illistrated by Clement Hurd
Harper Collins Publishers, 1972
ISBN: 0061074292

Okay All. I know this one is an oldie, but it’s a goodie! My parents grew up hearing The Runaway Bunny, it was read to me, and now Little Man has the very same copy! The Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown, is a classic by all definitions. If you are not captivated by the sweet message, you will surely be stunned by the clever artistry poured onto every page.feature

I find this book most appropriate for toddlers since they are starting to understand verbal language. Little Man is a bit too young to grasp the meaning of The Runaway Bunny, but I think by the time he’s one and a half, this will become a bedtime staple. Sure, he already loves chewing on the thick, board pages and looking at the illustrations, but I look forward to when he can start to grasp the love the mommy bunny has for her baby bunny.

What I like about this book goes far beyond what is inside the covers. When I read this book to Little Man, I am thrown back in time to when my grandmother read it me in the light of her vintage, summit lamp on the bedside table. I can still remember how it felt as we read the book while we were all snuggled into the blankets with her stuffed bunny Beatrix (who was always invited to partake in bedtime stories). This book is powerful in stirring up memories of times passed and I only hope for Little Man to have the same.

Is this book the best book I’ve ever shared with our son? No, but the fact that it has been around long enough for several generations of my family to enjoy makes it stand out. There is no substitute for building beautiful memories and sharing family lore with little tikes and this book is a great way to do it! If you have since forgotten about this unyielding classic, click here to renew those memories for yourself and start passing them on to your sweet baby bunnies.

Mommy Danae