Written and illustrated by Jason Chin
Roaring Brook Press, April 29, 2014
ISBN: 9781596437173
Lexile: Beginning Reader

No kid is too young to start learning about science. Chin excellently takes a complicated subject and explains it easily for younger readers. Gravity is full of colorful and fun illustrations that will keep your young reader’s attention while they learn about gravity. The text is very simple for kids learning to read, and the illustrations are packed full for you to spend time talking about what you see with your child. The book concludes with a more in depth section about gravity and how it works, which will make the book more interesting for older kids who continue asking “how?” and “why?” after the story ends. The book even includes a bibliography (of ranging reading levels), so be sure to take the list the library if your family wants to explore more.

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-Auntie Kelley