The Last Basselope

Growing up, we used to have nights where my parents, brother, and I would congregate and read stories together. A staple of these special occasions was always a Berkeley Breathed book, and it was usually my favorite,The Last Basselope!

Berkeley Breathed is my absolute favorite children’s books author and I am never disappointed when I pick up one of his books. They are creative, clever, and fun for the whole family. As I prepared to write this review, Little Man and I dove into the first couple of pages, but quickly put it down for the sake of maintaining the sanctity of its semi-gloss pages.  With that said, I would recommend this book to be read to children between the ages of four and seven, but it is really appropriate and fun for most ages.

IMG_3109 (2)What I enjoy most about this book is how it quickly throws readers into the action of the story. Readers become encompassed by the silly antics of Opus and his friends while they embark on their journey of catching the ferocious beast known as the “last basselope.” While on their quest, they quickly discover something far less terrifying and much more misunderstood.

Much like any good book, each character has quite a unique personality. For example, you will never find a character quite like Bill the House Cat or Milquetoast (pronounced milk-toast) the House Bug. In fact, we named our cat Milquetoast, but quickly changed it to Micah due to very confused looks from vet techs.

I could spend hours raving about how great of a book this is, but I suggest you find out for yourself. It very well could be the next book that becomes a staple for your family too! It is a book that I loved as a child and can’t wait to share with Little Man when he gets a bit older. Click here if you want to check out The Last Basselope!

Mommy Danae