How Baby Wearing Saves My Sanity

I have never appreciated my hands more than when I started carrying around a child day in and day out. From sun up to sun down my arms and back would ache in satisfaction of being a good mom, but my heart would ache for the relentless stack of dishes in the sink and countless loads of laundry. I yearned to accomplish household chores so I could have a presentable home. How on Earth do moms give their babies the attention they deserve AND handle even a fraction of what needs to get done? Sure, I had always wanted to wear my baby but I really didn’t know how. When I took the time to learn, the time investment was paid back ten-fold (no pun intended, but appreciated).

IMG_1997 (2)I started wearing Little Man when he was three weeks and it was the best decision I could have made as a mom and person who thirsts for a semi-clean house. Until Little Man was three and a half months old, I almost exclusively used the Moby wrap. I found this wrap very intimidating as a new mom with no sleep, but once I had a chance to wrap it a few times, I was surprised how easy it could be. I felt very confident that this wrap could be the answer I had been looking for. Sure, it took some getting used to, but there was nothing sweeter than having a peaceful child sleeping on my chest while I managed to put away dinner and wash the dishes.

When Little Man was three months old (and already a whopping 14 pounds), I found the Moby to be challenging due to the constant unwrapping and rewrapping, so I decided it was time to move on to bigger and better baby-wearing solutions. I was lucky enough to have a sister-in-law that just so happened to have an Ergobaby Original that she was generous enough to let me borrow. At first, Little Man wanted absolutely DSC_0250nothing to do with the Ergo. He had grown attached to how the Moby cocooned him to me and was extremely resistant to something different. There were many tries and many failures, but as with anything, time passed and soon Little Man only had eyes for his Ergo. Ergo baby carriers are designed to be comfortable, adjustable, and are certified to be safe for baby’s hips by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Rather than a wrap, it was a carrier that had belts and buckles, which I found super user-friendly. We use the Ergo exclusively now as it fits our lifestyle best. There are no issues with bending over to taking laundry in and out of machines or loading the dish washer.

I am a huge fan of baby wearing because for me, I was able to reclaim some of myself by having the freedom to do pretty much anything. I love to work outside in the garden, and though I still find it extremely challenging to wear Little Man while being bent in half over a flower bed, I can still do maintenance around our exterior. It is really important as moms to remember that even though it’s all about our babies, we matter too. By baby wearing I’m able to take care of my mental health by doing more with Little Man safely stowed away in his own little happy place.

Mommy Danae