Little Aquarium

After a recent visit to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, I thought it would be fun to make a little aquarium for myself. Although I like my new desk aquarium, I think some kiddos would get more enjoyment out of this one, especially after a visit to their local aquarium.


Most of the supplies were easy to find at the local dollar store. And you’d be surprised how many aquarium-like objects are laying around your house. Except for the plastic sea critters. I was having a hard time finding any until I found Terra products. They’re super cute too.

CaptureAfter gathering your supplies, it’s easy to assemble your own little aquarium. I made a layer of rocks, stuck in an artificial leaf from something I had laying around, sprinkled in some moss and picked some sea animals (I picked a crab, eel, and octopus, in case you were wondering). I used the second canning jar to mix my blue dye and water. You can keep diluting it until you get it as light as you want it.

For  the cover, I traced the lid onto my blue paper and cut it out. I used the chalk marker and some stickers to decorate the top. Now it sits in my window as a little happy reminder of a past vacation (and there’s no chance of me forgetting to feed anything). If you’re concerned with little ones attempting to open their creations, feel free to rub some super glue around the inside of the lid so it stays good and tight.

Auntie Kelley