Baby Loves to Rock!

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As a mom, I have the best job in the world. Some of the funof being a mom is being able to read a bunch of fun children’s books! For our first book review, I wanted to start out with a book that has been my son’s favorite for months and months. Considering that Little Man is only six months old, that’s a pretty big deal. Baby Loves to Rock, by Wednesday Kirwan, is perfect for children under the age of one because it is engaging on many levels.

For young babies, Baby Loves to Rock is appealing because of all the bright colors and contrast. From as young as seven weeks old, my son would just gaze at the pictures as I read to him, and as he’s gotten bigger still, he sits more attentive to this book compared to most.Ben Baby Loves to Rock

As Little Man has gotten bigger, he now appreciates the book for a whole new reason. Baby Loves to rock, but he also loves to chew! This may sound trivial, but Baby Loves to Rock is the perfect size for Little Man to pick up and maneuver while he experiences the world through his mouth. He has several books that are much bigger that have more elaborate pictures, but he is definitely partial to the roughly 6”x6” size of this book.

Additionally, what is really fun about this book is the word play and basic introduction to music genres that makes this book truly unique. Because of the word play, this book is also one of my very favorite of his.

So next time you are at a book store and you cannot handle having another book that counts ducks or talks about animal noises, check out Baby Loves to Rock, by Wednesday Kirwan. It’s a great book to add to your home collection or to give as a new baby gift.

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